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1 Peter 5:7

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Cast your cares upon God!

Cast all your Cares on Him, because He cares for you. 

The cares of this world are all-consuming. We are trying to make ends meet, undergoing health issues, experiencing financial woes, and enduring relationship snags and glitches.  We live in a time with innumerable cares or distresses that at some point we are overwhelmed.  It is in our human nature (pride) to attempt to handle all of our trepidation.  But today the scripture prompts us to cast our cares upon God!

Peter, all too well, understood the concept of casting because of his former vocation as a fisherman, yet he was not that far removed from Jesus’ instruction to cast his net from the other side of the boat. (John 21:6)  Casting means to throw, or to hurl, it means to fling or toss.  

The instructions are clear:  “Cast all your Cares….” throw all of your cares or worries to God! Hurl your concerns, troubles, and problems to God.  Toss out all anxieties, all that bothers you to God.  Cast out the issues that make you fearful, or prove stressful, (previous cares, current cares or impending cares) to the Lord. 

After a lesson on humility, Peter instructs us to cast our cares on God because God cares for us.  In the Greek there are two different words for care; merimna-anxiety or distraction- and merimnao- the interest or concern one has for another.

Let God Worry about you today.  Give your cares to God because he is concerned about you and has the answer(s). Cast all your cares (merimna) on Him and remember God Cares (merimnao) for you.

Prayer:   Dear Lord thank you as I release my worry, frustrations and anxieties to you.  Humble me so that I will not worry about what you care about.  Thank you for caring for me, for caring about me, and thank you for caring enough to love me. In Jesus Name. AMEN

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